Box Magazine Soap Box Our Writers Step Up2

Editorial opinions on different issues effecting the global and political climates. 



Box Magazine His And Hers One Story Two Different Sides

Male and Female writers share an experience or event, then the story develops from each gender perspective. 



Box Magazine Ten Things

Here's our top ten items monthly presented in our own unique way. 



Box Magazine Womens Work Were Never Done

Read our feature highlighting a woman in a male dominated field. 




Box Magazine Hope Chest Stories Of Survival

Come share a different story each month about a traumatic event, and how the victim made it through. 



Relationship Rehab

Commentary on relationships, the ups, and of course, the downs. 





Box Magazine Toy Box

Reviews, reviews, and even more reviews. 



Box Magazine Know Your Enemy

A list of quotes which different general douce bags have stated in the month previous. 



Box Magazine In And Out Box

Multiple staff members will reply to readers letters.  This is our version of an advice column, without using just one person who thinks they know it all. 

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    I hope you enjoy the new Box-Magazine website.  I have programmed many features into the site for your benefit.  Soon people will be able to click 'Facebook Like' links to promote your articles also.  But that is the tricky part, first we need some articles added to the site so we can flip the switch and make everything official.  Currently the site is publicly viewable but not being included in searches by the big three (Google, Yahoo, Bing).  That is because promotion of the site with blank content would not be benficial.  Actually it would be detrimental to promote a site with no content.  The...